Property Management

Properties need current, cost effective maintenance, as well as a competitive, fresh appearance. Tenants need a reliable, competent property manager to address their concerns and ensure the property is desirable to occupy. Lastly, the investors need peace of mind that their property is properly cared for, occupied, and ultimately gives them the best profit return possible.

Our professional and seasoned team offers you expertise in:

  • Collection of rent and all monthly impounds including CAM, taxes, and insurance
  • In-house local accounting
  • Monthly property inspection and full management account & operating report
  • Annual property budget
  • Annual CAM reconciliation
  • Property insurance payment
  • Monthly mortgage and or escrow payments
  • Annual tax payment
  • Monthly owner distributions
  • Enforcement of lease terms
  • Collection of tenant insurance
  • Tenant retention
  • Coordinate with leasing team of your choice
  • Coordination of eviction and collection services with legal team
  • Maintenance and repair of property
  • Correspond with all parties about maintenance items or services
  • Compliance with municipality codes / regulations
  • Fire & security alarm response
  • Vendor bidding, contracting and management
  • Correspond with owner on a regular basis
  • Collection and payments of all operating expenses & utilities
  • Collect all vendor bills for payment


Additional services are available: Leasing, lease renewals, tax appeals, entity renewals, property insurance procurement, property insurance claim administration, construction/development and tenant improvement management, city approvals, permits, and entitlements, engineering and architectural oversight, master planning of development, space planning, capital improvement planning, and building/asset profile.